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Knislinge Bowlingcenter is a brand new & handicap friendly bowling alley with a central location between the resorts Broby, Stoby, Hanaskog Arkelstorp. With five minutes from the station you can easily find us. We also offer free parking for those who drive. We offer bowling at any of our 4 new bowling lanes, young and old, amateur and competitive players or you who have a disability of some kind. With tools such as bumpers and bowling ramp will bowling be something that can be practiced by everyone.

On fridays and saturdays between 17.00-21.00 we run twilight bowling. The ordinary lights is shut down and instead we light up the dicso illumination with UV light in the ceiling and the party music gets rolling with a higher volume than usual.

Sport / wellness:

We have one active club that are running, Knislinge BK. In addition to this, we have an active pensioners association as also plays games. Do you feel to start playing bowling as a sport? Please get in touch with us and we will help you further.

Our ambition is that everyone should feel welcome, have fun and go home truly satisfied! So bring your family, friends or work colleagues for a guaranteed experience.