We currently have one club that have us Knislinge Bowlingcenter as their home stadium. Schedule for practices and home games the is played can be found below for each club. In addition you will also find some history, for example when the clubs started.

Being a member means many things. You train more active and play games but you also get something completely different in a bowling club, yes togetherness! With lots of laughter, lots of fun and bowling do they always search for new members.
Are you interested in becoming a club member?

BK Kronan

The club was formed 26 February 1970. Today it has 20 members with 16 active licenses. So far, there are no young people but are now interested in getting new members, especially younger since the new bowling center is completed. Today they are currently playing in Division 3, Southeast Götaland.

It is intended for all age groups, only requirement is that you can keep this in a sphere which they normally do at approximately 6 years and up.

Thursdays 18:00 to 20:00